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Olivia’s professional background is diverse. While at university, and more recently since returning to Sydney, she worked as a research assistant to Senior Counsel at Forbes Chambers. This work involved both trial and appellate work and included analysing briefs of evidence, conducting legal research, drafting submissions and reviewing appeal matters. After finishing university she became Tipstaff to Justice Campbell in the NSW Supreme Court, before moving to London to work as an associate in the litigation department of a global law firm. When she returned to Australia she worked in Darwin as a criminal defence lawyer at the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA), before returning to Sydney.

Olivia’s varied professional experience has allowed her to develop a wide range of legal skills. Her commercial experience fostered in her a keen eye for detail, while her daily appearances in the busy criminal courts of the Northern Territory helped her to cultivate a determined and persuasive style of advocacy. She has experience appearing for clients in bail applications, sentence proceedings and defended hearings in the Local Court, and on substantive matters as counsel in the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory.

Her work in the Northern Territory has led to a particular interest in holding the police to account in the course of criminal proceedings. For the most part, she does this by thoroughly scrutinising and challenging any evidence that may have been obtained unlawfully or improperly. Olivia takes pride in adopting a rigorous but practical approach to her practice, having developed an ability to quickly identify the core issues in criminal proceedings.  Her advice is cogent and concise, which allows her clients to make the right decisions about their cases. In court, she represents her clients passionately, but in an equally clear and articulate way.