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Meg is a tenacious and hardworking solicitor with a passion for using the law as a tool to help people. Meg has experience in advocating before the Local and District Courts in both criminal and civil jurisdictions, attending conferences and instructing counsel.

Meg recognises that navigating the criminal justice system can be stressful. She provides support to clients by explaining processes in a way that is easy to understand and by remaining accessible and responsive to her clients’ needs. Meg recognises that there is always more than one side to every story and strives to give a voice to her clients in a complex legal system.

Meg is an avid researcher and enjoys deconstructing dense and complex information. She prides herself on being thorough and is effective in providing critical analysis and presenting findings in a digestible manner. Meg has been commended on her ability to go beyond obvious approaches and find unique, yet evidence-based, legal arguments.

As an advocate, Meg is well prepared and addresses the court with decorum. She has experience working with senior solicitors and barristers and works collaboratively to achieve positive outcomes, making her an asset to a legal team. In particular, Meg’s strong work ethic and desire to exceed expectations allow her to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients.

In addition to being an effective advocate, Meg acts as a judge for Law Society moot competitions and volunteers her time as an adviser at local community legal centres. She is currently undertaking a Master of Criminology at the University of Sydney.



  • Hi Meg, Just wanted to say thank you again for your representation of me this morning, it is a big relief to have received the outcome we did and not having to had to fight it and cost ourselves financially / mentally. Also please send thanks to Karen - I am lucky to have you both take care of the matter which has been hard on the heart to re-enter Manly courts and provide C and myself with the most clarity on our options.

  • Thank you very much for looking after me the last few months. You are all so kind to me. I want to say thank you to the team. Thanks to everyone again.

  • I really appreciate all your support and guidance throughout the court case.

    D + SC
  • I would just like to start by giving you a huge thank you for representing me in court, your submissions to the court were excellent and the outcome was even better. It has been a long roller coaster for me and A, we’re both just so happy with that result. I’d like to thank you again for your hard work and commitment over the weekend to help us get it over the line.

    D & A