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Joseph is an experienced criminal law solicitor. He is regarded as a dedicated and hardworking professional with a genuine commitment to providing his clients with excellent legal representation.

Joseph has extensive experience appearing for clients in the Local and District Courts in bail applications, sentence proceedings, defended hearings and a variety of other applications. A skilled and persuasive advocate, he enjoys an excellent reputation for his rigorous preparation and clear and concise presentation of his client’s case to the court. Joseph has a particular interest in appearing in matters involving police misconduct or misuse of statutory powers.

In addition to appearing as an advocate, Joseph instructs and works closely with a number of highly regarded criminal barristers in relation to a variety of serious criminal offences including sexual assault, fraud, serious drug supply matters, robberies and very serious assaults, including those resulting in serious injury or death. Joseph’s proven ability to critically analyse technical and complex evidence allows him to make a substantial contribution to the preparation of these serious and often difficult matters.

Joseph takes a practical and candid approach when providing legal advice and is valued for his ability to communicate complex legal concepts in a simple and meaningful way. Known for his friendly and approachable demeanour, Joseph is committed to assisting his clients to understand all the legal issues pertinent to their matter at each step of the legal process, placing his clients in a position to make the best possible decisions about the progress of their matter.