New sentencing laws in NSW – Part 1 of 5

From Monday (24 September 2018), there are significant changes to sentencing laws in New South Wales.

At Younes + Espiner Lawyers we believe in sharing what we know in a simple, easy-to-understand way.  That’s why we have created a 5-part blog which outlines everything you need to know.

Part 1 will help you quickly understand what the changes are.

 Who will be affected by the changes?

The changes will affect everyone who:

  • is sentenced in New South Wales from 24 September 2018 onwards
  • has filed a severity appeal which will be determined from 24 September 2018 onwards
  • is currently subject to any of the following sentences:
    • Section 10 good behaviour bond
    • Section 9 good behaviour bond
    • Community service order
    • Suspended sentence
    • Intensive Correction Order (ICO)
    • Home detention

 What are the main changes?

The following sentencing options have been abolished:

  • Section 10 good behaviour bonds
  • Section 9 good behaviour bonds
  • Community service orders
  • Suspended sentences
  • Home detention orders

The following sentencing options have been introduced:

  • Conditional Release Order (CRO) without conviction
  • Conditional Release Order (CRO) with conviction
  • Community Correction Order (CCO)

Intensive correction orders (ICOs) are staying, but have been overhauled.

If you are currently subject to a section 10 bond, section 9 bond, community service order, suspended sentence, ICO or home detention, your sentence will be converted to one of the new sentencing options.


Stay tuned to find out more.

Part 2 of our 5-part blog, being released on 24 September, looks at sentence conversions.

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Disclaimer: The above information contains a basic summary of the law in NSW as at 21 September 2018. It is not legal advice. If you need legal advice, you should speak to a lawyer.