Important changes to road transport legislation – removing licence disqualifications

Since February 2015, drivers who repeatedly exceed their demerit points allowance will be subject to increased traffic offender penalties, with the introduction of a new program which takes aim at serious and repeat offenders. This program has severe consequences for drivers who exceed their demerit points allowance more than once.

If you are a provisional licence holder and you exceed your demerit points twice in a five-year period, you must re-sit and pass the Driver Knowledge Test (the test you sit when you get a Learner’s licence).

If you are an unrestricted licence holder, further penalties are involved. As well as re-sitting the Driver Knowledge Test, you must also complete a driver’s education course from a certified course provider, such as the SAVE Traffic Offender’s Program. A certificate of completion of this course must be provided to the RMS before you will be able to re-sit the above test.

The Increased Traffic Offender Penalties program also focuses on drink driving offences. Drivers who are convicted of two or more drink driving offences within a five-year period will also be required to pass the Driver Knowledge Test, focusing on the impact of drink driving.

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